Does Your Seal Coating Contractor Have the Necessary Machinery to Do a Top Quality Job?

If you are looking for seal coating solutions that will match your requirements, you will most probably have to find an asphalt laying specialist or a seal coating contractor who has all of the powerful specialty equipment needed for this job. If you have no idea what kind of tools are required for such projects, you can read this post to its very end and learn the names of some of the most common machinery used in the asphalt maintenance industry.

Sprayers. Spray systems usually feature cast iron pumps, as aluminum or poly pumps usually cannot resist the wear and tear of sealcoating.
Crack repair tools. A full set of asphalt coating crack filling equipment normally includes pour pots, melters, and cleaning machines which operate with hot melt as well as cold liquid crack-filler.
Line stripers. Professional aerosol striping machines are used for smaller tasks, while for commercial projects like parking lots and supermarket driveways, you may need to hire a contractor who owns something more robust.
Patching tools. They can help your contractor fix potholes in your driveway or parking lot and prevent them from growing bigger over time. The supplies needed for cold asphalt patch or a hot patch may vary.
Accessories. There are dozens of accessories which your seal coating contractor may need to use depending on the complexity of your project. Here is a short list with some of them: sealcoating spray engines, sealcoating spray pump rebuild kit, spray tips, seal repair kit, sealcoating ball valve spray wand, asphalt lute, quick-cure sealcoat super-dryer, sealer brush, etc.

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